Unified Productions future plans are to launch alternative medicine retreats that promote self healing and preventative measures to maintain optimal mental and physical health. Some of these retreats will have the luxury of professional video and photography along with exquisite foods and atmosphere. Read more below for more info



Heading 4Just as the human body contains energy centers (aka Chakras) so does Planet Earth. Like humans the planet is a living organism and their are certain locations that have been identified as vortexes or Chakras. At ECR we choose these locations as destinations to facilitate and assist our clients in their spiritual journey and evolution utilizing alternative healing modalities designed around each the chakras. 



Mah-piya is our get-away located in the wilderness of Southern Ohio. A rustic and peaceful property located in the Scioto valley where we are creating a self sustained eco village. Location is great place to relax in nature, bird-watching with over 50 species traveling through throughout the year, off the grid country living, hunting leases and over 50 acres of atv trails. Mahpiya is a Native American Lakota term which means place in the clouds aka heaven and we envision this as another piece of paradise on earth..


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