We are offically UP and floating!! We are sharing our private sensory deprivation tank with friends and family. Contact Ingrid@unifiedproductions.com to book your first float.


Cost : $40





The Center for Healing is up and running now.  Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm we will be hosting a Vinyasa Flow yoga class. Starting September 21st, Ingrid will be teaching a Dub Stretch on Thursday nights from 7pm to 8pm. This flow is accompanied by chilled / dubstep music. This is a cardiovascular workout that focuses on increasing flexibility while getting your heart pumping and synchronizing breath with movement.


Cost of  each class : $20









432 Didgerdioo is being launched Feb 1st 2016.


Many of our high quality aboriginal instruments are tuned to 432hz to enhance there healing frequency.


Sept. 15th at 7pm - 8pm  come and experience the 432 Sound of this magical instrument with Nathan Morris at The Center For Healing.  

Cost : $15 and space is limited.








The Positive New Network  

Unified Worldwide is a multi-media productions company that is designed to help promote and provide positive media to the world. We strive to unite artists by combining efforts to create a community that supports positive and uplifting multimedia.


We offer a wide variety of services in film/video production, photography, and soon to be web and graphic design. From concerts to modeling shoots, to independent film and video production we strive to give our customers the best product for the best price possible. 


All proceeds go to support current and future productions to help educate and elevate the human consciousness.

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